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Land claims at the grass roots:
1966 letters and village newsletters


June 13, 1966

Mr. William L. Hensley
University of Alaska
College, Alaska

Dear Mr. Hensley:

I appreciate your letter of May 16 outlining the major land claim problem of the native people of Alaska. This subject was discussed in a meeting with the members of the Alaska Congressional delegation, the Department of the Interior, and this office on June 1. I was present at this meeting also.

A committee has been appointed to develop proposals for consideration which would lead to the introduction of legislation to resolve this particularly vexing and long standing problem. It is hoped that the committee will be successful in its efforts. You may be sure that this problem is receiving continuing consideration by the Alaska Congressional delegation, the Department of the Interior, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Your request for the appointment of Mr. O'dean Williamson as Realty Officer for the Northwest area of Alaska is one which should be answered by Mr. Owen D. Morken, Area Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs, in Juneau. I am sure that he will respond to you in this request since I.know that you sent him a copy of your letter to me of May 16. I agree that Mr. Williamson has the experience and understanding necessary to make a real contribution in solving some of the individual land problems of native people and of native villages.

I hope that your educational program is progressing and that we will have the opportunity to discuss native problems of concern to us both.

With all good wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,
(letter signed Robert L. Bennett)
Robert L. Bennett


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