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Alaska Women

A student site "Women in Alaska's History" - click to visit their section called Early History then continue on to read about Native Alaska women

Living in Both Worlds: Inupiaq Women and Urban Life This presentation is adapted from a 'Commentary' article by Nancy Fogel-Chance in the journal Arctic, vol 47. no.4 (December 1994). A more detailed account of this research was published in Arctic Anthropology, vol. 30, No. 1, p p. 94-108, 1993.

Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World - Women

Inupiaq [Inupiat] - Alaska Native Cultural Profile
Ethnic Medicine Guide Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington - Contributed to by Rachel Craig, Inupiaq Elder

Beyond Kin: Social and Cultural Life - @ Arctic Circle

Growing Up in an Inupiaq Village - @ Arctic Circle