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Moses L. Dirks

Moses L. Dirks, Teacher

Moses grew up in his home village of At
{ax, where Unangam tunuu (Nii}u{) was his first language. He currently possesses a Type A Elementary Teacher Certificate K-8th endorsement. Moses is an expert of Unangam tunuu, and has been hired to teach Unangam tunuu in the public schools. Moses has worked several decades with fellow Unangas, linguists including the late Knut Bergsland, a world renowned Eskimo linguist, and with Michael Krauss of the Alaska Native Language Center. Moses has documented and nurtured the Unanga{ language and continues this endeavor. Among the places that he has taught are the Aleutian Region School District, Aleutians East Region School District, Alaska Pacific University and Interior/Aleutians Campus (UAF). Moses currently teaches in the Unalaska City School District.

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