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Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr [Conversational Deg Xinag]

Xiyhts’in’ [fall] 2002

Gan tr’idighine’ [What we said. (summary)]  9/10/02

Things were happening so fast this session that I could hardly take notes! If any of you have other items, please email them to all of us.

Tr’ighedo’: Louise, Jim, Hannah, Katherine, Barb, Beth, Donna, Flo, Courtney, Xune{, Tami, Angela, Malinda, Alice.

1. Ade’                                                   [Greetings]


It’s windy.


I’m knitting.

Q’unt’ugh ye taso{

I’ll go flying.


You forgot.

{egg viye nonitlvatr?

I’m jarring fish.


I don’t know.

Tr’ixineganh ghan ghidhisnik.

I babysat (minded a baby.)

Tral ts’i xidetr’iyh.

It’s a little windy

Dran q’unt’ugh…

I came from Shageluk.

Che yixudz ditast’e{.

I’ll do the same thing.

Qun’tux q’o’isdoyh.

I was visiting.

Xinaxidilighusr: [Conversation among elders] Hannah, Jim, Louise, Katherine.    

Xidingi{q’at:                                          [Ask it. Ask for new material.]

Deloy q’idz ghi{ yoth.

There’s snow on top of the mountains.

Nelang ngi{to ist’oth

I’m cutting up meat.

Nelang ngi{to dhist’oth

I was cutting up meat.

Nelang ngi{to tast’oth

I will cut up meat.

Yix xichux engan q’idz q’o’edighul.

Motor home [new word from the New Words Committee.]

Nalyagh oqo ghotlo.

I dug potatoes.

Venhdida nalyagh xitatla{.

Tomorrow I will dig potatoes.

To chux

Ocean (big water.)

A\ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. [We learn with each other.]