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ANL 121/122

Tuesday, September 24, 2002


Students + Alice:
Barb Ross
Flo Walters
Malinda Chase
Donna MacAlpine
Gloria Collins
Angela Young
Courtney Carroll
Beth Leonard


Jim Dementi

Alta Jerue

Hannah Maillelle


Deloy Chet xida\tth’e.

They stayed in Holy Cross.


Deloy Chet xidhitl’an’

I was born in Holy Cross.

Siyotr’a’ toxin xidelayh.

I have 3 daughters.

Adhedo he’?

Are you here?

Go dhisdo.

I’m here.

Ngilo’ to(n)-ngila.  [ton-ngila]

Wash your hands.

Dilo’ tongila.    [ton-ngila]

Wash your (own) hands.

Gitsan ngalno’ (ngalnox)

Turn around.

Ya\ts’in chenh.  (Malinda asking Denali to turn to other side when brushing her hair)

Other side.

Xe\edz ngiyi\ xighisingo’.

I talked good with you.

Ngiq’a ye ngit’ath.

Put your shoes on literally, put your foot in it(?)

I was trying, based on the 2 sentences below, to ask Hannah if she is feeling better.  I’m not sure what she answered.

Diva\o tr’al q’idon ingdinaxda’.

I hope you get better.

Xe\edz donisiyoq.

I’m feeling better.