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When you come on-line you can say:

(_____Si'ezre') itl'anh.

This is (name).





Here I am.?

Ndadz dengit’a?

How are you?

Xe{edz dist’a. 

I’m fine.

Some answers. If you have a different answer, ask for it.

Siyi{ xidija{.

I’m busy.


I’m tired.

Ngidenax, iy?

How about you?

Ndagh dhedo?

Where are you?


I’m… (wherever).

Qay xichux Anchorage.
  Holy Cross

Ngide chenh.

or Ngidedig.

Your turn.

Now you.

Ngi’egh ndadz dixet’a?

How’s the weather?

I{ yoth.

It’s snowing.

I{ chonh.

It’s raining.

Q’uth xelanh.

It’s cloudy.

No’oy vits’i xedhi\.

The sun is hot.


It’s sunny.

Yo yan’ xelanh.

It’s clear. (Sky only there is.)

122 students ask also:

Dran ndadz dangit’an’?

What did you do today?

Gilegiq gho q’odhisinek.

I worked on papers.

Q’odhisinek. I worked.
Gidina{dikdi nidhiso. I went to school.
Q’ongiditlq’on’. I sewed.
Getiy q’odhisinek. I worked a lot.
Gilegik gileg gho q’odhisinek. I worked on a song book.
Gidina{dikdi ghisdo. I was at school.

Q’iydong ndadz dixighet'a?

What was the weather yesterday?

Yi{ ghon dini{ chenh

Half snow and rain.

I{ yoth inisdhinh.

I think it will snow.



Go deg che yixudz.

Same around here.



Venhdida’ ditete{? What will you do tomorrow?
Gilegik gho q’otasinek. I will work on papers.
Gidina{dikdi q’otasinek. I will work at school.




Introduce yourself. Ask for pronunciations from speakers.

Ndadz ngi’ezre’?

What’s your name?

______________ si’ezre’.

My name is ________________.

Deg Hit’an itl’anh.

I am Deg Hit’an.

Engan hit’an itl’anh.

I am a person from outside.

Deloy Chet xist’anh.  

I am from Holy Cross.

{eggijitno’ xist’anh.   

I am from Shageluk.

Gitr’ingithchagg xist’anh.   

I am from Anvik.

Nits’ini’an ghun’ xist’anh.

I am from New Bonasilla.

Deloy Ges xist’anh.

I am from Anvik. “Simple Hill”

deloy “hill”, ges “simple”

Canada nasyonh. I grew up in Canada.

Xeyeghelinghdi xit’anh.      

I am from Holikachuk (Grayling).

Singonh __________vi’ezre’.

My mother’s name is_______.


She is from_______.

Sito’ _____________vi’ezre’.

My father’s name is________.

_______ xit’anh.

He is from______.

Sitsiy __________ vi’ezre’.

My grandfather’s name is____.

_______ xit’anh.      OR


S/he is from_______. Or

Used to be from________.

Sitse___________ vi’ezre’.

My grandmother’s name is___.

_______ xit’anh.      OR


S/he is from_______. Or

Used to be from________.

Qay xichux xididltthe.

They live in Anchorage.

_____xits’in’ niso.

I came from______.

Gileg                                                   songs

Q’at gileg

Pizza song

Tl’itay t’its chux viq’idz ni{tux xelyoy q’at.

Bread flat big on it mixture put I want. (I’m hungry for? pizza.)

Yith q’idz q’o’idighol gileg

Snow machine song (2 beats on the long vowels [a,o,e] and one beat on the short vowels [i,u].)

Siyotr’a’ (sittha’) yi{ yith q’idz q’o’idighol

With my daughter by snowmachine

dinayi{ q’otidigho{.

With us it’s going.

Dineg Gileg

Moose Song (2 beats on the long vowels [a,o,e] and one beat on the short vowels [i,u].)

Deloy Chet

Holy Cross

sigida{tidl yi{

with my gun

dineg oqo

for moose

siyozr yi{ gits’i’in q’otr’ithidatl.

with my son we walked around.


Venhdida’ ninge nagi’e{.

See you tomorrow.

Ninge nagi’e{.

See you.

Yuxini’e nagi’e{.

See you guys.

Agide sroghidz.

That’s good. (Something you’ve done.)

Ntuxda’ che ninge nagi’e{.

See you later.

Gil dodo iy.

That’s enough.

Dixudz inuxdatl.

It’s good you came. (Thank you for coming.)



Goxeyan’ xelanh ts’ixe’at

There’ll be another time, see you (not only now)

Agide yixudz.

That’s all.