Teller Reader

English Version | *Teller Dialect Version

The Teller Reader, produced by the Bilingual Education Department in 1974, is useful in promoting language literacy for those who wish to learn how to read and write Inupiaq. We have added an option for users to click the "view english" button to see the english translation frame for each exercise in the Teller dialect. Participants can toggle at will between both versions.

Developed by
The People of Teller, Alaska
For Alaska State-Operated School System
Stanley H. Friese, Superintendent

Under the direction of
Tupou L. Pulu, Acting Director,
Bilingual Programs

Assisted by Mary L. Pope
Materials Development Specialist

Jeff Leer
Linguistic Consultant

Edna MacLean
Linguistic Consultant

Fannie Okpealuk of Teller, Alaska

*Illustrated by J. Leslie Hanson, 1974

A production of the Bilingual Education Department
of Alaska State-Operated School System
650 International Airport Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99502

This material is designed for use in the Bilingual Education Program
of the Alaska State-Operated School System.

All rights reserved.

Printed by Alaska State-Operated School System
Instructional Media Center

*Illustrations included.

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