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Do you have Alaskool's free Iñupiaq font? - Check for font installation
If the phrases below don't match, please follow the directions to download and install the Iñupiaq font.
Picture of an Ieupiaq phrase: InupiaQ Phrase
The typed phrase: Uvafa tikiqattaabivut ixivut.

Download Alaskool's free Iñupiaq font if you are connected to the Internet
Clicking on the links below takes you to an ftp site. PC users running Internet Explorer can just click on "PC" to download. PC users running Netscape Navigator should click on the font name with your right mouse button, then choose save target as.

Installation instructions

Get the Iñupiaq Font if you are running this site from a CD
Macintosh (located in the folder ftp/macfont)
PC (located in the folder ftp/pcfont)

Download and install Iñupiaq Spellchecker

About using the Iñupiaq font for Word Processing

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