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The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
Teacher's Guide

Quick Reference Outline: History of the Act

I. What is ANCSA?

The largest land claims settlement ever legislated by the U.S. Government for any Native American group.

II. Why is land so valuable?

  1. Power and wealth value
  2. Cultural or historical value
  3. Ecological/aesthetic value
  4. Subsistence value

III What are the legal concepts and documents which support Native land claims?

  1. Traditional Use and Occupancy/Aboriginal Rights/Indian Title
  2. Russian-American Treaty (1867)
  3. The Organic Act (1884)
  4. Indian Citizenship Act (1924)
  5. Statehood Act (1959)

IV. What events led to the passage of ANCSA?

  1. Project Chariot
  2. Rampart Dam Project
  3. Formation of Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN)
  4. Land Freeze
  5. Prudhoe Bay

V. Who are the principal parties regarding the passage of ANCSA?

  1. Oil Industry
  2. Conservationists
  3. State Government
  4. Federal Government
  5. Alaskan Natives

VI. How was passage achieved?

  1. Native claims filed based upon "traditional use and occupancy."
  2. State holds North Slope lease sale.
  3. Land Freeze.
  4. Intense lobbying by all parties.
  5. Congress passes compromise legislation.

Unit One: History of the Act