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Quick Reference Outline: Overview of the Act

I. What did each of the principal parties gain?

A. Federal Government

  1. Pipeline/Domestic Oil Production
  2. Extinguishment of Aboriginal land rights
  3. New Federal Native Relationship/Means for Native Self-determination

B. State Government

  1. 103 million acres including earlier conveyances
  2. Pipeline/Oil Revenues

C. Oil Companies

  1. Pipeline (Right of Way)
  2. Additional leases

D. Conservationists

  1. Up to 80 million acres to be studied as National Interest Lands
  2. Chain of events which led to ANILCA

E. Alaskan Natives

  1. Title to 44 million acres
  2. $962.5 million
  3. Native corporations

    a. 13 regional corporations
    b. Approximately 200 village corporations

II. What did ANCSA extinguish or revoke?

A. Claims to over 300 million acres

B. Allotment Act (1906)

C. Reservations, except Metlakatla