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Quick Reference Outline: Specific Provisions of ANCSA

I. What are the key provisions in ANCSA?

A. Definitions: Section 3

Native: one-quarter Alaskan Native blood or a person recognized by a Native community as being Native.

B. Declaration of Settlement: Section 4

  1. Extinguishes aboriginal title to land.
  2. May have extinguished aboriginal hunting and fishing rights.

C. Enrollment: Section 5

Creates New Natives by exclusion from enrollment.

D. Regional Corporations: Section 7

  1. Creates regional corporations.
  2. Provides stock restrictions (h).
  3. Institutes inter-corporation profit sharing on natural resource revenues (i).

E. Taxation: Section 21

  1. Protects land from taxes for 20 years.
  2. ANILCA amendment.