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Unit Overview

Unit Four in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Instructional Series outlines the current political, social, and economic ramifications of this legislation. It identifies the achievements and challenges resulting from the Settlement Act.

This unit demonstrates through the video and selected reading that all of Alaska has been impacted by ANCSA. These resources also emphasize that political, social, economic, and cultural impacts have differed in their effects on people as a group and as individuals,

Unit Goals

Upon completion of this lesson the student will:

  1. Cite examples of the impact of ANCSA on the Alaskan economy.
  2. Cite examples of the impact of ANCSA on Alaskan politics.
  3. Cite examples of the impact of ANCSA on Alaskan society.
  4. Define terms introduced in the lesson. (Optional)

Video Program Summary

The fourth video program, Impacts of ANCSA, shows the effects ANCSA has had on our state from the day it was signed into law. When President Nixon signed the legislation, it started a number of economic and social changes for Alaskans.

First, the way was cleared for construction of the Trans-Alaskan Oil Pipeline. With that construction came over 20,000 jobs for Alaskans on one of the largest construction projects in history. Oil revenues eventually made up 85 percent of the state government's income.

When ANCSA turned 44 million acres over to the Native corporations, it became available for development. Natives are now the largest private landowners in the State.

Section 17 (d) (2) of ANCSA eventually led to the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, or ANILCA. ANILCA turned over 100 million acres of public lands in Alaska into national parks, monuments, preserves, and wild and scenic river systems,

Program Four also takes an in-depth look at the social and political effects on Natives after ANCSA was passed. How do these effects compare between large and small Native communities? What is the image of Alaskan Natives since ANCSA was passed?