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Quick Reference Outline: Impacts of ANCSA

I. How has ANCSA affected Alaska economically?

A. Cleared the way for the pipeline:

  1. 20,000 Alaskans employed.
  2. 85 percent of the state's government budget from oil royalties.

B. Created Corporations:

  1. Billion dollars added to Alaska's economy.
  2. 44 million acres of new private land for potential development.

C. Led to ANILCA:

  1. 103 million acres of national interest lands.
  2. Established subsistence rights for Alaskan Natives on those lands.

II. How has ANCSA affected Alaska politically?

A. New political power for Alaskan Natives. "Bush Caucus."

III. How has ANCSA affected Alaska socially?

A. Village corporations have impacted rural communities.
B. Native corporation boundaries have created divisions.
C. New Natives issue has created divisions.
D. Change in perception of Alaska Natives.
E. Renewed pride in Native community.