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Quick Reference Outline: Future Issues and Options

I. Why is there dissatisfaction with ANCSA legislation?

A. The potential for loss of land.
B. The possibility of corporate collapse.
C. Lack of resolution of the New Native issue.
D. The potential of corporate takeover.
E. Stock alienation.
F. The uncertainty of the future for Alaskan Natives.

II. What are the criteria by which solutions to these concerns can be judged?

A. Protection of land.
B. Insured health, success, and appropriateness of corporations.
C. New Natives are secured a place in the Native community.
D. Stock alienation no longer poses a threat to Native control of their corporations.
E. Self-determination is secured by Native people.
F. Dissenters' rights.

III. What are some solutions which have been suggested?

A. Prolong restrictions:

1. Sale of Stock
2. Taxation

B. Convey land to individual ownership
C. Transfer undeveloped land to a land bank
D. Transfer land to another entity such as a tribal government
E. Transfer land to a membership organization
F. Make corporations unattractive to takeover attempts