About the www.Alaskool.org project and its developers

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
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Television Series

Project Director Bob Walker
Producer and Narrator Nellie Moore
Director and Editor Daniel Housberg
Camera and Audio Operator Daniel Housberg, Marley Gregg, and Linda Lee
Engineer Richard Kemp
Content Specialist Paul Ongtooguk
Instructional Designer Martin Laster, Ph.D.

Teacher's Guide

Author Martin Laster, Ph.D.
Designer Carol Richards
Typesetter Carol Schaeffer

Selected Student Readings

Editor Paul Ongtooguk
Designer Carol Richards
Typesetter Carol Schaeffer

The Alaska Department of Education Office of Instructional Services

Administrator William J. Bramble, Ph.D.
Executive in Charge of Production Benjamin J. Fewell, Jr.
Program Assistant and Editor Kathleen Berry
Rural and Native Education Coordinator and Content Advisor Paul A. Goodwin, Ph.D.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the Northwest Arctic Borough School Board and Administration. Our appreciation also goes to the statewide inservice participants for pilot testing this series and providing helpful comments and suggestions.