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Wales, Alaska - School Correspondence, 1908, 1911

Source: Microfilm, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Division, General Correspondence, 1908-1935 (54 rolls), School Files, Roll 26, includes Wales, Alaska 1908-1920, National Archives--Pacific Alaska Region (Anchorage).

Wales, Alaska - July 4, 1911, Correspondence from Chester C. Pidgeon (Teacher) and Mattie Caldwell (Assistant Teacher) to the Commissioner of Education

Wales, Alaska - August 18, 1908, Correspondence from [unknown] to Mr. R. B. Morris, Irwin, Pennsylvania

Wales, Alaska - July 29, 1919, Annual School Report submitted by Jas. Gregg

The Mouse - Timothy Enohyiok, Grade III, Wales, Alaska, January 25, 1912