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TECHNICAL DIRECTOR. Lewis Meriam, a member of the permanent staff of the Institute for Government Research.

Education: A.B., Harvard (1905); A.M., Harvard (1906) (in the fields of economics and government) ; LL.B., National University Law School (1908); L.B., Law School of George Washington University (1909).

Positions held: United States Census Bureau (1905-12), Editorial and Statistical Assistant, Special Agent, and Chief, Division of Revision and Results; United States Children's Bureau (1912-15), Assistant Chief of Bureau; New York Bureau of Municipal Research (1915), member of the staff; Institute for Government Research (1916 to date), member of staff ; United States Shipping Board (1918-19), Production Manager, Division of Planning and Statistics; Congressional Joint Commission on Reclassification of Salaries (1919-20), Statistician; Congressional Committee, on Civil Service, Technical Aide on Reclassification Bills; Salary and Wage Commission of North Carolina (1925), Technical Aide.

Publications: Census Bureau Bulletin 94, Statistics of Employees Executive Civil Service, Census Report on Marriage and Divorce (with Dr. Joseph A. Hill), Sections of Census Reports on Women at Work and Child Labor; Principles Governing the Retirement of Public Employees, for the Institute for Government Research, Appleton, 1918, and several papers on social statistical subjects for National Conference of Charities and Corrections, American Statistical Society, International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, American Political Science Association, etc.

SPECIALIST IN LEGAL ASPECTS. Ray A. Brown, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin.

Education: A.B., University of Minnesota (1913); LL.B., University of Minnesota (1915); S.J.D., Harvard Law School (1923); Yale (summer of 1921).

Positions held: Private practice of law, Minneapolis and Duluth (1915-20); University of Minnesota Law School Assistant (1916-17); University of South Dakota Law School (1920-22); University of Wisconsin Law School since 1923.

Publications: Author of articles in Harvard Law Review, Wisconsin Law Review, and American Law School Review.

INDIAN ADVISER. Henry Roe Cloud of the Winnebago Tribe, Founder and President of the American Indian Institute, a non-governmental accredited high school for Indian boys at Wichita, Kansas.

Early history: Born in a tepee in Nebraska about 1884; attended Government Indian School at Winnebago, Nebraska (1891-97), attended Santee Mission School (1899-1901), attended Mount Hermon School (Mass.) (1901-06).

Higher education: A.B., Yale (1910); Oberlin Seminary (1910-11); B.D., Auburn Seminary (1913); A.M., Yale (1912) (in field of anthropology).

Publications: Editor of Indian Outlook, published by American Indian Institute. Has devoted entire life as teacher, minister, writer, and speaker to Indian cause.

SPECIALIST IN EDUCATION. W. Carson Ryan, Jr., Professor of Education, Swarthmore College.

Education: A.B., Harvard (1907); Columbia University (1907-10); Ph.D., George Washington University (1918).

Positions held: Nutley, New Jersey, High School, Teacher of Languages (1909-10); Private tutor (1910-11); University of Wisconsin, instructor (1911-12); United States Bureau of Education, successively assistant editor, editor, and specialist (1912-20); New York Evening Post, Educational Editor (1920-21); Swarthmore College, Professor of Education (1921-28). Also Lecturer on Education, summer schools of George Washington University (1915-18); University of Pittsburgh (1923); University of Pennsylvania (1924); Extension course for teachers, Woolman School and Pennsylvania State College (1924-26); School and Society, Associate Editor (1921-27); National Vocational Guidance Association, Secretary (1915-18), President (1926-27); British Educational Mission to the United States, Secretary (1918); Federal Employees' Union, Local No. 2, Washington, President (1919-20); National Education Association, Editorial Council, member (1923-28), Chairman (1927). Participated in many educational surveys, Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, vocational education and statistics (1916-17), District of Columbia School administration (1924), Puerto Rico, secondary schools (1925-26); Newark, New Jersey, all-year schools (1926), Friends' schools elementary and secondary (1924-26), Carnegie Foundation, study of school and college athletics (1926-27); also editorial services on numerous state, local, and other surveys while in the U.S. Bureau of Education.

Publications: Various bulletins of the United States Bureau of Education and Chapters in annual report of the Commissioner of Education (1913-1923) including Vocational Guidance in the Public Schools (1918); numerous articles on education in School Life, School and Society, New York Evening Post and Journal of the National Education Association; survey reports, especially on secondary schools in Puerto Rico (International Institute of Teachers' College) (1926) and on all-year Schools of Newark, N.J. (Newark Board of Education) (1926), Annual reviews of education in the United States, originally in Report of the United States Commissioner of Education, later in the American Year Book and since 1924 in the Year Book of the International Institute, Teachers' College, Columbia University.

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