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Nevelo Yasuda

After their return back to Barrow, Flaxmann Island was attacked and burned by the pirates of the Arctic Ocean. In 1904 Thomas G. Carter, a prospector, came to Barrow looking for a gold partner. Charles Brower told him that Frank would be the perfect person for this job. So
Thomas offered Frank what ever they made they would split it half and half, Frank accepted.

By now, Frank was a leader in the eyes of the Eskimo of Point Barrow. Since food was scarce and what a bad impact the measles outbreak had on them, he promised he would find a new place for them to live. During part of their adventure they split up going in different directions to find gold. They made a plan that if one was to find gold he would send the other a secret message. That way no one else would know of their discovery.

One day Nevelo was down at the creek (Chandler). She saw shiny rocks. She picked one up and sure enough it was a chunk of gold. This finding started the Chandler mine. The money from the mine would help fund the new village Frank had in mind for the people of Point Barrow.

One thing was stopping his village from happening. The land that he wanted was on Indian Territory. A man by the name of George, also Japanese, was living with them and told him that the chief might grant permission but lots of gifts were needed. George told Frank to bring 50 rifles, 50 boxes of cartridges. 50 knives and 50 rolls
of cloths ready to give to the chief of the closest Athabascan village.

The Chief accepted the gifts and Frank was allowed to establish a village along the Yukon Rover. There was one agreement made. That there was to be no game hunting on the Athabascan Territory.

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