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A Scrapbook History: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, "Tundra Times," 1991

Follow this guide through the scrapbook of the Tundra Times or browse through it with the click of your mouse. The scrapbook is setup in chronological order as to follow the development and role of the ANCSA during the late 1960's and into the early 1970's. The articles and editorials included are meant to relay the need and importance of the Alaska Native Land Claims Act and to follow its progress over the years. Key political figures such as Ted Stevens, William Hensley and Emil Notti provide content for many of these archived relics from the Times. As well as news articles there are many old pictures, advertisements and notices which also give an interesting glimpse of the past.

1-Introduction by Julie Kitka, AFN president pg.2

2-List of selected dates of importance between 1961 and 1971 pg.3

3-Sen. Ted Stevens' reflection on the development of ANCSA, "ANCSA was my baptism of fire" pp.4,5

4-Author, William Brandon, writes John F. Kennedy about native land problems (Sept. 18, 1962) pg.8

5-Short articles reporting on land claims issues during 1962-1963 pg.9

6-North Slope Borough and ANCSA 20 year anniversary drawing pg.11

7-A few editorials regarding Native claims to Minto, several other land area and the U.S. politics involved pg.12

8-William Hensley's initiative to run for House of Representatives position pg.17

9-Several articles on land claims issues, 1966-67 pg.18

10- Report on a special trip William Hensley and Emil Notti had taken to D.C to attend a briefing session regarding the Alaska land bill, 1967 pg.19

11-List of Bering Straits Native Corporation shareholder villages pg.20

12-Land Claims editorials and articles, 1967 pp.22,3

13-Article on the rejection of a land claims bill set forth by the US administration Editorial on the inherent value of land to Alaska Natives pg.26

14-Articles on AFN enrollment and land claims issues pg.27

15-Editorial on a decision made by a U.S. Court Judge to lift the freeze on land allocation in Alaska pg.30

16-Several articles and an editorial regarding the land freeze in 1967 pg.31

17-Articles regarding the land freeze and land claims settlement issues pp34,5

18-Articles from October 1969 to May 1970 on land claims politics, concerns and decisions pp.38,9

19-Articles and a letter to the president from Joe Upickson regarding the importance of land to Alaska natives and the right to their claims pp.42,3

20-Articles on the developments in the land claims settlement bill and the politics involved (interest of president Nixon and firing of Walter Hickel) pg. 46,7

21-Articles following the land claims proposals and arguments before congress pp50,1

22-Articles reporting on Nixon's proposal to the AFN and their response pg.54

23-Editorial concerning dissatisfaction with non-native hired representatives of the AFN pg.55

24-Editorial on the importance of fighting for the benefit of the people and their beliefs pg.58

25-Article stating native claims bill had been reported out of the House Interior Committee pg.59

26-Article reporting final passage of the Alaska Native Land Claims Bill and its content pg.60

27-Editorial reflecting on the emotion involved in the acceptance of the land claims bill and its significance and a congratulatory letter to the Tundra Times from Sen. Ted Stevens for their reporting pg.61