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Our next try will closely follow on the heels of the 1992 effort. We will attempt to follow the ridge line from Nakwasina into Fish Bay.

We will then follow the north shore of Fish Bay to Sergius Narrows.

We will then follow the shoreline to Rose Channel then cross the peninsula that separates Rose Channel from Rodman Bay.

From Rodman Bay we will follow the shoreline to Appleton Cove and on to Saook Bay.

In closing let me simply say that we held great respect for our ancestors as we retraced their footsteps.

Many who told me, "Oh, they went over the mountains," could not climb Gavin Hill or Mt. Verstovia much less help their grand mother up the mountain—then climb dozens of mountains on the way to Hanus Bay.

My efforts to re-trace the Survival March route has changed my life. I now try hard to stay in physical condition. I walk five miles a day after work, more on weekends.

I have changed my diet. No salt or sugar. No dairy products. No fried foods. No foods with preservatives. No coffee.

I train intensely for weeks before each expedition.

We come from a strong people.

We carry that strength in our genes.

No obstacle is too great for us to overcome.

Like our ancestors we must plan before we act.

Then act with conviction.