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Anytime canoes were sighted heading toward Chaatlk'aanoow they were quickly intercepted and turned away with the warning, "Stay away from Sheet'ká! The Kiks.ádi remain at war with the Anooshee and will not allow trading canoes to pass Chaatlk'aanoow. Sheet'ká still belongs to the Kiks.ádi."

At first many canoes appeared and were turned away, but as time went by fewer and fewer canoes were sighted.

The blockade became even more effective once the Yankee traders learned of the blockade and sought to exploit it. They set up a trading station across from Chootlk'aanoow on Catherine Island to the south. Even to this day it bears the name "Traders Bay." Trader canoes from all over the northern end of Southeast Alaska came to trade with the Yankee traders at Traders Bay.

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