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Baranof landed his force on the beach directly in front of the fort without consulting Captain Lisianski or making use of the Neva’s cannon to bombard the fort.

Baranof insisted on leading the attack.

The Russians advanced up the beach behind the four hundred Aleut sea otter hunters who were used as light infantry.

The Kiks.ádi shaman had foreseen this frontal assault and had advised Katlian to have the Kiks.ádi warriors withhold their fire until the Aleut hunters were directly beneath the fort walls.

The Kiks.ádi warriors displayed strong military discipline by withholding their fire, as instructed, until the Aleut hunters reached the fort walls.

Then they opened fire with volley after volley over the heads of the Aleut hunters into the ranks of the Russians who were just coming into range.

The Aleuts broke rank and began a retreat west to the beaches where their bidarkas were waiting. They were pursued by the younger warriors who made a dash from behind the fort into the confusion on the beach.

It was a calm day and the battlefield was soon covered by a heavy layer of gun smoke, making it difficult for either side to see what was going on.

Amid the smoke of the battlefield Katlian and several warriors sprang up from Kaasdahéen and attacked the Russians from their rear. The battle flowed down the beach.

The Kiks.ádi warriors charged out of Shís'gi Noow and pursued the retreating Russians. The Kiks.ádi saw Baranof fall in battle. They saw his troops carry him from the battlefield. Just as the Russians reached the water’s edge the Neva’s cannon opened fire, covering the last of the Russian retreat.

The Russians were forced to leave their small cannon behind on the beach as they boarded their launches and left the battlefield.

The battle was over.

The Russians had launched their attack confident of victory, now they had barely escaped total defeat. Their losses were heavy.

The Kiks.ádi warriors rejoiced.

Day Two