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John Ben Benson, Jr. (1913-1972) was his full given name. Benny and his younger brother Carlie grew up in the Jesse Lee home which was an orphanage in Seward. Benny's father had no choice but to send Benny and Carlie off to boarding school after his wife had passed away; there was no way he could look after and provide for all his children. Benny was just four but already a very responsible and mature child. His brother Carlie and himself were put on a ship heading to Seward and had to part with their family in Chignik. The ride was very difficult because Carlie was very ill with sores all over his body and his eye sight slowly disappearing. Benny helped nurse his younger brother back to health once they arrived at the Mission Home. Benny's life continued to be very grown up and full of responsibility throughout his childhood.

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