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Frank David Price/Saatan Eesh
June 10, 1886- December 20, 1946
Eagle; Kaagwaantaan

Frank Price was born in Juneau in 1886 to Mary Thompson Price and David Price. He attended the Sitka Training School (now Sheldon Jackson), and realized that education was the key to helping the native people. As he grew older, Frank Price became active in public affairs and native education. He was a charter member of the ANB, and organized many educational opportunities for the students at Sitka Training School/Sheldon Jackson. Many students Frank Price tutored and helped became valuable leaders in the native community.

Frank Price had many accomplishments throughout his life. He was the first Alaska Native to be appointed to a Federal Office (U.S. Deputy Marshall) in 1926. Frank Price was the second Alaska Native to be elected to the Alaska Territorial Legislature in 1946. He was one of the founders of the Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB), and was an early leader in the Alaska Claims Settlement Act of 1971.

Frank Price married Jessie Agnes Weir in 1927. They had five children: Myrtle, Georgia, James, Gertrude and Frank. Sadly, Frank Price suffered a fatal heart attack in 1946, before he was sworn into the Alaska Territorial Senate. In 1984, Frank Price was awarded the Christian Citizenship Award by Sheldon Jackson College.