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Andrew Percy Hope/Kaa.ooshti
April 9-April 12, 1968
Eagle; Kaagwaantaan; Eagle Nest House

Andrew Percy Hope was born in Killisnoo, a small village near Angoon, to Percy and Mary Williams Hope. He attended Sheldon Jackson School, and at the age of sixteen, he was an early organizer and founder of the Alaska Native Brotherhood. In 1912, Andrew Percy Hope married Tillie Howard, and raised fourteen children, some however, died at infancy.

Andrew Percy Hope served as president of the Grand Camp of the ANB in 1922 and as a member of the ANB Executive Committee until his death. Andrew Hope was president of the Tlingit-Haida Central Council for twenty-five years, and was also one of the first Alaska Natives to be elected into public office. He served on the City Council of Sitka from 1924 to 1936. Andrew Hope was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives. There he served seven terms, and after statehood, he served in the first and second Alaska Territorial Legislature, and was honored in 1968 by the Alaska State Legislature.

Andrew Percy Hope and Tillie Hope were both powerful leaders for the native people. In 1968, Andrew Hope died and in 1975, his wife Tillie Hope passed away.