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Introducing Yourself in Tlingit
By Sabrina Chilton

Did you know the Tlingit introduction is different than the introductions we use today?

The Tlingit introduction is used to let people know who your ancestors are, where they came from, and where you stand socially. I asked my aunt, Ronalda Cadiente Brown, to introduce herself in Tlingit so you could see & hear the difference.

Please click here to listen to the traditioal Tlingit introduction in either mp3 or wav.

 1. Lingit x'einax___________________yóo xát duwasaakw.
In the language of the Tlingit my name is _________________.


2. Dleit kaa x'einax ________________yóo xát duwasáakw.
In the language of the white man (English) my name is____________.


3. ____________________ naax xát sitee.
I belong to the ______________ nation.


4. __________________áyá xát.
I belong to the __________________clan



5. ___________________yadix xát sitee.
I belong to my father's people____________.


6. _______________dachxán áyá xát.
My grandparents clan is _________________.


7. ___________________kwaan áyá xát.
I am from _____________________.