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 Seal is a meal that is like deer meat. It is a hearty meal that could last a long time, and the blubber from the seal could be used too for heat, and other things. The bones were used for tools. The first thing you do when you want a seal is you have to hunt it. Natives would make a hole in the ground and put bait on the bottom of this pole with a feather on top. The feather was on top because when a seal went by it, the feather on top would move so that the Natives would know the seal was passing by. When they saw the feather move, they would stand above the hole and spear the seal. Dragging the seal up from the hole was a huge challenge. It took mental and physical strength because for one, you have been standing outside on the cold ice waiting for a seal, so you must be tired. Also, the seal is very heavy. Next they would carry the seal home, cut it open from the belly, and separate the blubber and the meat from the seal. Next, they would put the blubber in already made seal oil. Then they would hang the meat for about 1 day on a rack outside. At the end, they would cook the seal, or all they could eat, and with the rest, save it for later. One common treat today are boiled Herring eggs dipped in Seal Grease.