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Listen to Alaska Native narratives and story-telling - KNBA's Stories of Our People on Alaskool
Eleven stories told by Alaska Native people - from a program on Anchorage, Alaska's popular Native radio station - KNBA 90.3FM.
Stories of Our People as described on the KNBA website:
"For the past two years, KBC has scouted the lobbies of Anchorage's meeting halls, convention centers and the Native hospital with one goal in mind: to capture on tape the voices of Native people. The result is Stories of Our People, a half-hour radio series produced from more than 50 hours of live interviews, narratives and story-telling representing a broad cross-section of Native experience.

KNBA 90.3 FM broadcasts Stories of Our People four times each week: at 8 and 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays, and at 1 and 1:30 p.m. on Saturdays (Alaska time). Featured in each program is an animated mix of creation stories, historical narratives, true-life experiences and tales that reflect the Native wisdom and lifeways that have been passed on for generations."
Download the Real Player if you don't have it and click on the story title in order to hear it told. Duration of audio clips listed after titles.
Crane and His Blue Eyes (2:00), Mink and Raven (6:17), Tundra Mouse (27:30)- told by John Active
Hi, I'm John Active and I'm going to tell you a story about how crane came to have blue eyes. This is a story my late grandmother used to tell, she's from Bethel and that's where I am from too. So here's the story...
Tlingit Ways (18:11)- told by George Bennett
My name is George Bennett, Sr. - I was born in Juneau, Alaska and raised in Hoonah pretty much of my school days. I think at this time I'd like to share some Tlingit stories that were told to me, also that I learned as I was growing up with the elders down in Hoonah.
Growing up in Holy Cross(10:27) - told by Tiny Devlin
My name is Theresa Nelly Dementieff Devlin, "Tiny" to my friends. Holy Cross was one of my favorite childhood memories. One year we stayed all winter.
Aleut Internment (28:36) - told by Anatoly Lekanof
My name is Anatoly Lekanof, Jr., an Aleut born and raised in the Pribilofs, coming from a family of 14 children, mother and father and my story is going to be told about when I was eleven years old youngster, a story about the WWII - Japanese and American war. I really could remember a lot as a youngster...
Nostalgia Savoonga (11:53), The Two Ravens (6:54), The Orphan Boy (12:00) - told by Della Waghigi
I'm Della Waghiyi, originally from St. Lawrence Island, Savoonga, I 'm full blooded Eskimo... I was born at camp about twenty five miles from Savoonga, eastside of the village - at camp. I come from ten children and after I was born I grew up with my grandma and grandpa, that's how I know all the stories.
Hunting on the Ice (2:57) - told by Leo Kinnevak
Hello my name is Leo Kinnevak and I'm an Inupiaq from Tikigaq I'm going to talk a little bit about hunting long ago on the ice. This is a story I was told when I was a little boy, maybe nine years old...My friend started bugging his grandfather to tell a story - this is the story that he told.
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