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"Give or Take a Century" - Chapters 14 and 15, by Joseph Engasongwok Senungetuk, Copyright 1971, Indian Historianl Press.

Chapter VIII "Oral Literature" and Chapter XII "Legends in Cedar" - From Monuments In Cedar by Edward L. Keithahn, Copyright 1945.

Stories from Chevak in streaming audio - Cup'ik stories recorded and posted by Alaskool's Chevak team. In Cup'ik with read-along text. Requires free player from Real.com.

Qulirat (Stories) from Chevak - Lesson IV of John Pingayak's curriculum The Cup'ik People of the Western Tundra

"KEET" by Claribel and Henry Davis. From A Teaching Unit from Primary Grades K-3, Copyright 1973. In addition to legend of Keet also includes teaching unit, further activities, and bibliography. This legend tells a story of the origin of killer whales.

Tongass Text - by Emma and Frank Williams of Ketchikan, 1978. In English and also written in a special form of Tlingit language that has helped illuminate linguistic history of Tlingit speech. Oral histories and commentaries on the past, medicine, and how to live. Also information on the linguistic angle.

The Kiks.ádi Survival March of 1804 by Herb Hope - "Herb Hope sharpens his focus in this paper on the history of just one event, albeit a landmark one: The Battle of 1804 between the Russians and Kik.sádi at Sitka. And what an extraordinary and dramatic story it is, especially the long, survival march of the Kiks.ádi to Point Craven after withdrawing from their fort at Indian River. Again, the clan perspective is critical to the telling of the story." - From the original introduction in "Will the Time Ever Come: A Tlingit Sourcebook," Copyright 2000

"Sputnik" and "When Good People Walk Among Us" - Two poems by Andy Hope

Maniilaq - "Maniilaq is the name of a man that is held in very high regard by the older Iñupiat Eskimos of the Northwest Arctic. He was more commonly known as Maniilauraq, and to some of the elders in the area, he was an Eskimo prophet. They speak of him with reverence and admiration. Many believe him and in the fulfillment of his prophecies in this day and age." - From the Note to Readers, Copyright 1981

"Maniilaq" presents a series of transcribed statements by Inupiaq elders gathered at a regional elders' conference. This online version includes both Inupiaq and English print versions, and also sound files to hear the Inupiaq spoken (requires RealPlayer).

Tsimshian Texts thirteen stories recorded and translated in 1894 by Franz Boas from the Nass River dialect. These stories have been posted online by student assistant, Karla Booth, whose family is of the Raven Clan from Metlakatla, Alaska.

Chugach Legends: Stories and Photographs of the Chugach Region Excerpts from the book compiled by John F.C. Johnson, Chugach Alaska Corporation, Copyright 1984.

Articles from THEATA, a literary publication written by freshmen students at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Copyright 1973, 1976, 1987.

Kuuvafmiut Subsistence: Traditional Eskimo Life in the Latter Twentieth Century

IPANI ESKIMOS, A Cycle of Life in Nature, a book by James K. Wells, Alaska Methodist University Press, Copyright 1974.

PEOPLE OF KAUWERAK: Legends of the Northern Eskimo, by William A. Oquilluk, Copyright 1973

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