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Southeast Alaska Collection

The 25% Project -- High school history class assignment and student projects from Juneau-Douglas High School's Early Scholars Program (ESP) - a program for college-bound Alaska Native students. Assignment directs students to delve into their own cultural knowledge and histories in creative informational projects.

English-Tlingit Dictionary of Nouns
Reprint of second edition, March 1996. Originally published in March, 1963 by Constance Naish and Gillian Story.
Copyright by Sheldon Jackson College.

Tlingit Land Forms and Geography words
Learn and practice Tlingit landform and geography terms with this fun quiz developed by Paula Dybdahl,
a geography teacher at Juneau-Douglas High School in Juneau, Alaska. Hear words spoken in audio files made by
Nora Marks Dauenhauer, see pictures of geographical features, and then test what you remember by playing the game.

Reading and Writing the Tlingit Language
Language Lessons of two-disc study set containing CD audio recordings of Tlingit Language and Lullabies created at Dog Point Fish Camp by Robbie Littlefied, Native American Indian Values Enrichment, Inc. (NATIVE, Inc.), Sitka, Alaska.

Native Ways of Knowing: Experiences, Influences and Transitions of Tlingit Women Becoming Leaders a Master's Thesis by Barbara Fleek member of the Raven Moiety, Dry Bay Kwaan L’uknax.adi (Coho) Clan, Xixch’ hit (Frog House).

Southeast Regional Profile a collection of material on the southeast portion of Alaska including information of the people, the land and the environment.

Tlingit Soundgame A game based on the game "Bingo" which teachers can use to teach their students about the Tlingit language. The game includes audio soundfiles of the Tlingit characters and words which help in differentiating between the characters. Print out the boards, read the directions and have a full day for your class or kids.

Day in the Life A story of a day in the life of an Alaska Native high-school student, Kyle Barril. Photos of a typical day for this student are included in his chronological review of the day.

*If you are interested in contributing a Day in the Life story please contact us by e-mail.