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U.S. National Education Standards

Finding out about national education standards is a matter of figuring out which organization or organizations have put together and published standards and who else has "signed-off" on them. Some subjects may even have more than one set of standards.

 The following lists of internet links are organized by subject area. Each also has a page ("compendium") that refers to a site where there is an overview of the work on standards for that subject area.

U.S. Education Goals and Links to Standards Pages

Developing Educational Standards: Overview
National Education Goals: Building a Nation of Learners

Arts/Music Standards

Developing Educational Standards - Art and Music
Gopher Menu: National Standards for Arts (with grade level breakdowns)

English Language Standards

Developing Educational Standards - English/Language Arts
English Language Standards

Foreign Language Standards

Developing Educational Standards - Foreign Language/ESL
Foreign language standards

History Standards

National Center for History in the Schools
National Standards for United States History-5-12
Contents to U.S. History Standards K-4

Math Standards

Math Standards-A Compendium
Science and Math Ed. Standards

Physical Education

Developing Educational Standards - Physical Education - A Compendium


Developing Educational Standards - Science
AAAS: Project 2061
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse: Links to Various Standards-Related Sites
Science Standards-National Resource Council, National Academy of Science

Social Studies Standards

Social Studies Standards - A Compendium
Social Studies Standards

Technology Education

Developing Educational Standards - Technology