Using the Iñupiaq Spellchecker:
How to Install the Iñupiaq Spellchecker with Microsoft Word

08/12/02 -- The Iñupiaq Spellchecker is currently not available for download. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Download the Spellchecker if you haven't yet done so. It's a small (about 70 k) text file with over 4,800 words in it. You must have the Iñupiaq font installed for this spellchecker to work. (This is a spellchecker, not the whole dictionary. If you get a pop-up box that asks Open? or Save As?, please choose Save AS. After it is saved, follow the directions below.) If you are using the CD-ROM to view the site find the spellchecker (inupiaq.dic) in the folder ftp/language/spellchecker.

To Make the Iñupiaq Spellchecker functional with Microsoft Word:
  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Click on Tools Menu
  3. Select Options for Windows and Preferences for Mac
  4. Select Spelling&Grammar Tab
  5. Click on "Dictionaries..." Button
  6. In the Custom Dictionaries box, Click on Add
  7. Windows Users: Find the location of Inupiaq.dic (remember where you saved it when you downloaded it or use your computer's Find method to look for it), select it, and click OK (it should show up along with Custom.Dic in the Custom dictionaries box, and the check-box by it should be checked). Click OK.
  8. Mac Users: You may not be able to see the file. After you click "Add", in the next window click on "Speller Custom Dictionary" and change to "All files" so you can see the dictionary.
  9. Now if you click on the "down arrow" in the drop-down box in the Spelling&Grammar tab, you should see Inupiaq.dic included below CUSTOM.DIC.
  10. Click OK to return to editing your page.
Using the Iñupiaq Spellchecker:

As you type: To set the MS Word Spellchecker to check words "as you type:" select Options from the Tools menu. Check the box next to "Check Spelling as You Type" then click OK.

Run the Spellchecker after text is typed: Press F7 or select "Spelling and Grammar" from the Tools menu.

Running the Spellchecker will show the words that don't have matches in the Iñupiaq spellchecking list. However, suggested spellings might appear to be weird because the Iñupiaq font is not reflected in the suggested spellings box. Choosing to have Word check spelling as you type may be a better option.

Suggestion: If you choose to have spelling checked as you type, a squiggly red line appears under each word without a match in the Iñupiaq Spellchecker list. Correct typos and leave words that are correctly typed. Then when you're finished with a section, add to your Iñupiaq Spellchecker list by running the Spellchecker then selecting "Add" whenever there is a correctly spelled word that isn't recognized simply because that word isn't yet in the Iñupiaq Spellchecker list.


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