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HINTS for Navigating the Alaska
Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development

If the size and scope of this web site seems overwhelming at first, please read on.

"Alaskool Central" is Alaskool.org's homepage and provides links to main categories of site content.

Alaskool no longer uses frames so it should be simple for users to bookmark specific pages.

For your browsing convenience Alaskool has a Search Engine. Go to the small box for entering words, then click on the button labeled "GO." Suggestions for search words are:

  • topics that you're interested in
  • places
  • names of people

Or just click along through Alaskool's topics, teacher resources, or historic information contributed by contributor schools - Alaskool Outposts - in such as Chevak, Howard Luke Academy, and Kiana.

The History of Native Education is a large and well-developed section with many historic documents, letters, and photographs that span the last hundred years.

Alaskool's Alaska Native Languages section is one of the most popular areas of the website. There are free fonts, dictionaries, phrasebooks with audio files and much more.

Originally a big focus of the project that started the Alaskool website, there is a good selection of curriculum units on Alaska Native land claims and working with local histories. We're also always interested in adding more, so contact us if you have something you'd like to contribute.

Click on Teacher Tour for an overview of resources of interest to teachers.

Or check out the the Audiovisual Index for links to all of Alaskool's audio and video selections. These cover topics such as health, subsistence, theater, land claims, and more.

What's New is always a good way to see what's been added recently as well as a list of many of the things on Alaskool.

The Last Question? How would you use resources from this site in a real life teaching situation? We have a Teacher Bookmarks section. (To find the link scroll to the bottom of the Site Map page.) You can use it to develop class reading lists and related assignments. We appreciate any comments that anyone might have on this.

Check Alaskool Team to find out who is working on the Alaskool project and website. Contact us with any questions, comments, requests. Messages go through the Webmaster and are addressed by the appropriate team member.