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From reports written by early 20th Century teachers to historic photographs, newspaper articles, and personal accounts by people who have created and witnessed change in Alaska, Alaskool is jam-packed with readings on Alaska and its inhabitants. Teachers developing curricula may note the topical areas listed below represent some of the more fully developed sections of the Alaskool website, and are great for use in your classes.

Alaska Native Education
Alaska — 1950, A snapshot by the United States, Department of the Interior, published 1951, excerpts from Mid-Century Alaska United States Department of the Interior, Office of Territories, Washington: 1951. Excerpts from Our Northern Domain: Alaska Picturesque, Historic, and Commercial, Dana Estes & Company: Boston, 1910 (Includes The Discovery of Alaska, The Founding of Sitka, The Magic Wand of Gold, Juneau and Skagway, the Mighty Yukon, and Reindeer and Eskimos.)


Alaska Native Languages
Alaska Natives in the Military
Native Government
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
Reindeer Herding
Traditional Life
"Jim Crow" in Alaska