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Conversational Deg Xinag
Fall 2002


Conversational Deg Xinag
We meet Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30pm by telephone audioconference. Register for ANL121, Conversational Deg Xinag: Can be taken for one credit or audited at U of A Fairbanks. Call the McGrath Interior/Aleutians campus center: 1-800-478-3074 or 1-907-524-3074, or FAX 1-907-524-3529. Or e-mail [karen@mcgrathalaska.net] 2002 Fall semester classes run Sept. 10- Dec. 17 - You can join in any time by auditing the class. You can take the class as many times as you like.

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Deg Xinag Class Notes and Related Materials
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Conversational Reference Notes - For question and answer between students. Includes most common greetings and closings.

Draft compilation of Phrases sorted by Jim Kerr - Works in progress - in pretty bad shape for now. dichit (it's tough)
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Fall 2002 Class notes: