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Yup'ik language

Cup'ik Letter and Sound Guide
Click here to see the alphabet used and hear the sounds of vowels and consonants. Includes Cup'ik words and their English translations. Text, audio files, and webpages developed by the Alaskool coordinators in Chevak, Alaska

Cup'ik Glossary

Cup'ik language stories
Click here to read and hear stories told in Cup'ik. Brought to you by the Alaskool coordinators in Chevak, Alaska.

Central Yup'ik and the Schools: A Handbook for Teachers
Handbook developed in response to the need for information regarding culture and linguistic factors which should be understood in the school setting. Written by Steven A. Jacobson, Alaska Native Language Center, 1984.

Featured Bilingual Storybook
View a children's storybook, Ribbon Seal, Ribbon Seal produced by the Lower Kuskokwim School District. Both Yupik and English translations provided. Story scanned and edited by UAA student worker Stephanie Trefon with permission granted from LKSD. Copyright Lower Kuskokwim School District, 1997. Please be patient, it make take a couple of minutes for the storybook to load. To order bilingual books by the LKSD, refer to their Online Materials Catalog.

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