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Teaching Unit for Primary Grades K-3

Lesson 5 Tlingit Language Lesson

1. Review drill taught in lesson 4. Required response may be only naming object for quick review of vocabulary.

2. Pattern drill suing identity statement:

Daa sayá? (What is this?)

________ awé. (That is a __________.)

Pictures of objects may be used for identification. Teacher holds or touches object. Answer should be given first by naming object, then by complete statement.


Teacher: Daa sayá? What is this?

Child: Héen awé. That is water.

Teacher repeat procedure, asking the same question for each object.

Yaakw Yaakw awé. That is a large canoe.

kéet Kéet awé. That is a large killerwhale.

éek Éek awé. That is the beach.

kéidladee Kéidladee awé. That's a seagull.

káa Káa awé. That's a man.

aas Aas awé. That's a tree.

To vary drill, let a child be the teacher. Answers may be given individually or by group.

Note: Objects which are identified should not be too far away from either the teacher or the student when using "awé". Tlingits use another form when identifying objects which are some distance away or which they are holding or touching.