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Teaching Unit for Primary Grades K-3

Lesson 6 Tlingit Language Lesson

1. Quickly review identity statements, nouns learned in previous lessons.

2. Identity statements answering question:

__________ akyá? Is this a _________ ?

Pattern: __________ akyá? Is this a _________ ?
__________ awé. That is a _________.

Substitute nouns in pattern. As in previous lessons, use pictures or objects to identify.


Teacher: Aas akyá? Is this a tree?

Child: Aaa. Yes.
Aas awé. That is a tree.

kéidladee Kéidladee akyá? Is this a seagull?

Aaa. Yes.
Kéidladee awé. That is a seagull.

shaldtláax Shaltláax akyá? Is this a large rock (island)?

Aaa. Yes.
Shaltlaax awé. That is a large rock (island).

káa Káa akyá? Is this a man?

Aaa. Yes.
Káa awé. That is a man.

kéet Kéet akyá? Is this a killerwhale?

Aaa. Yes.
Kéet awé. That is a killerwhale.

yaakw Yaakw akyá? Is this a large canoe?

Aaa. Yes.
Yaakw awé. That is a large canoe.

héen Héen akyá? Is this water?

Aaa. Yes.
Héen awé. That is water.

eech Eech akyá? Is this a reef?

Aaa. Yes.
Eech awé. That is a reef.

yán Yán akyá? Is this hemlock?

Aaa. Yes.
Yán awé. That is hemlock.

éil' Éil' akyá? Is this the sea, salt water?

Aaa. Yes.
Éil' awé. That is the sea.

éek Éek akyá? Is this the beach?

Aaa. Yes.
Éek awé. That's the beach.