About the www.Alaskool.org project and its developers

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
Teacher's Guide

ANCSA has forever changed Alaska. No one living in our state has not been touched in some way by its ramifications. But the Act has created as many problems as it originally solved.

It is the intent of this instructional series to provide the basis for tomorrow's leaders to grapple with these important issues today.

This Teacher's Guide was designed to accompany a series of five videotapes and a collection of selected Student Readings on the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. The project was produced by the Television Department of the Northwest Arctic Borough School District with funding and direction from the Alaska Department of Education, Office of Instructional Services. Our goal has been to produce visual and text materials to create a comprehensive and reinforcing instructional system.

It has been an honor to collaborate with a diverse set of Alaskans dedicated to this significant project.

Martin Laster, Ph.D.
Director: Instructional Services
Northwest Arctic Borough School District

Bob Walker,
Director: Television Center
Northwest Arctic Borough School District

Paul Ongtooguk
Content Specialist, Kotzebue High School
Northwest Arctic Borough School District