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 The Tlingit National Anthem -
By Sandrenia Katasse

Basic Anthem Information:

Who compsed the song: Joe Wright

Who gave the song to the people: Austin Hammond

 The Story Behind The Anthem:

Aanteeyeili (Joe Wright) and his friend were out on a boat. They saw another boat drifting twords them. They found a family on the boat, and everyone had been killed. They brought the boat back to the authorities in Haines Alaska. The authorities questioned them, but all Aanteeyeili and his brother could only say in English was yes, so they were sent to Alcatraz Island in California. Many years later, when Aanteeyeili returned home, he found a great loss of culture had occured. People no longer remembered the old traditions and culture. Aanteeyeili wrote the Tlingit National Anthem to assure that our voices will always be heard on our grandfather's land.

In grand camp 1989 Austin Hammond gave the Tlingit National Anthem to the Tlingit people so that they could perform the song during the 1990 Celebration. It is often performed today by dance groups and at traditional gatherings.

My Sources:

The Lda Kat Naax Sati Yatx'i Dance group for singing the song

Madeline for translating the song.