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The next morning several canoes could be seen crossing from the other shore.

Tradition says that it was the Angoon people who came to the rescue of the Sheet'ká Kiks.ádi. We had many arranged marriages with the Angoon people to settle boundary disputes over where Kiks.ádi territory ended and where Angoon territory began.

Some say it was the Deisheetaan who manned the rescue canoes.

To this day the Kiks.ádi hold the Angoon people in high regard for coming to our assistance in a time of great need.

The Sitka Kiks.ádi promptly took over the abandoned fort called Chaatlk'aanoow near Point Craven. They re-roofed the old tribal houses with new bark strips and went to work re-enforcing the old fort atop the high rock hill. Other crews cleared the trees behind the fort and began to construct new houses. At this time of the year there are many deer in this region and there is good fishing out on Morris Reef all year long so food was not a worry. In a very short time both the fort and the houses were completed and the people were free to begin the blockade of Sitka.

The Blockade Begins