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As part of the Iñupiaq Phrasebook project, we developed an Iñupiaq font which can be used on both Mac's and PC's. It is simple to download and install as one of the fonts on your computer. Once the font is installed, then any web pages where the font tag includes face="Inupiaq, InupiaqNormal" and the page has been created on a computer where this same Iñupiaq font is the selected font, will appear correctly. Other sites that might want to include Iñupiaq material are welcome to link to our font download page to make it easy for others to acquire this font. This font is available to be freely distributed.

Word Processing Instructions

The way this font works is that certain Iñupiaq characters are substituted for other characters on the keyboard. To Use the Iñupiaq font in your word processor:

INUPIAQ CHARACTER CONVERSION Open your word processing program and select Inupiaq from the list of fonts available.

As you type, use the table at the left to substitute Inupiaq characters for characters on the keyboard. Be sure that Iñupiaq is the font selected, for these characters to work correctly.

If you want to mix English words with Iñupiaq words, you must switch your font selection between one of your regular fonts and the Inupiaq font, depending on which language you are typing.


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