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 Traditional Native Food Preparation
By LeTasha McKoy
Assistance by Emily Williams, Tlingit Elder
Photos and graphics submitted by L. McKoy


 For my project I researched traditional Native food preparation. I worked with Emily Williams, a local Tlingit elder who is a member of the Eagle Wolf clan. On the following pages you will find information about salmon, wildberries, deer, and seal.

Emily Williams, Tlingit elder

Natives of Alaska do one thing in particular, that not many other cultures do even now, and that is subsist off the land.  Now days, some tribes have westernized a bit, and don't really subsist in the same manner as their ancestors. Still, they are continuing tradition by utilizing many of the resources Southeast Alaska has to offer and preparing dishes that their families have prepared for decades. Here are links to these pages:

Salmon Wildberries Deer Seal