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Installing Alaskool's free Iñupiaq Font on a Macintosh computer

You might want to print these instructions to have them handy as you install the Iñupiaq font.

The font file for the Mac is a self-extracting file called inup.sit.hqx. To be properly installed on your Mac, it must end up in the Fonts folder which is in the System folder. Please follow the steps below to download the Iñupiaq font and install it on your Macintosh computer.

  1. First download the Mac version of the Iñupiaq font by clicking here.
  2. Next quit out of all your applications and find the font. It is called inup.sit.hqx. It may be on your desktop or in your system folder or perhaps in another folder. Where it is depends on the download settings of your browser.
  3. After you've found inup.sit.hqx, drag it to your System folder. The system should prompt you that it will automatically put inup.sit.hqx in the fonts folder.
Please note: If on checking to see whether this font is installed properly you find out that the Iñupiaq phrases don't match, we suggest that you check whether the font is in the Fonts folder. If not you should drag it to the Fonts folder.

The Iñupiaq font should now be installed on your computer so you can view Iñupiaq materials on the Native Studies Curriculum site.

Check Font Installation

The Iñupiaq font is also now available on your computer to use with your word processing programs or any other software that recognizes fonts. Any PC or Mac computer with the Iñupiaq font installed can share documents using this font and the words will appear correctly. If documents created with the Iñupiaq font are viewed on a computer without the font installed, other characters will be substituted for certain Iñupiaq characters so that text will appear incorrectly.

Using the Iñupiaq font for Word Processing

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